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Your Full Guide to What A Sleeve Gastrectomy Is

What is sleeve surgery?

The sleeve gastrectomy surgery or also called the sleeve is a weight loss surgery which is done in the stomach. It is a permanent surgery which is reversible if required. The size of the stomach is reduced by 15-25% of the original size and forming a banana shaped portion. This portion will have both malabsorptive and restrictive qualities which will affect weight loss.

The difference between sleeve gastrectomy and the gastric bypass

The sleeve gastrectomy is much simpler procedure compared to the gastric bypass. In the sleeve gastrectomy procedure, the stomach is resized to cause weight loss whereas the gastric bypass involves rearranging the anatomy of the stomach of the patient and the small intestine making it a much more complex procedure.

How effective is the sleeve gastrectomy surgery to an obese person?

Results have shown that people who undergo the sleeve gastrectomy procedure will make the person lose about 65% of their excess body weight. It also helps in eliminating many obesity related diseases like sleep apnea, high blood pressure and diabetes. Considering the long term, most of the people who underwent the procedure where able to reduce up to 50% of the excess body weight.

How long does it take to recover from a sleeve gastrectomy?

After your sleeve gastrectomy in Las Vegas, which primarily includes small incisions, the risks are minimal. The post-op pain and time to recover is less compared to other weight loss procedures.

The patient will have to commit to a certain diet to help adjust to the new anatomy. The pain after surgery is usually very mild and will be treated with pain medication.

What dietary changes will I need after a sleeve gastrectomy surgery?

Dietary changes are compulsory after a sleeve procedure as you need to affectively reduce weight. A healthy diet which will be recommended to you by the dietician and doctors must be followed in order to have an effective weight loss plan. The main thing is to develop an eating habit that will supplement your needs and also meet your weight loss goals.

The gastric sleeve procedure is a simple and cheaper type of weight loss surgery which is very effective. Make sure that you contact your nearest sleeve gastrectomy in Las Vegas in order to get a good diagnosis and strategy for your weight loss goals.

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