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What part of plastic surgery is the most frightening?

Plastic surgery has become so common and so many people go to get changes done on their body. People spend so much on their body to have cosmetic surgery performed on them ranging from eyelid surgery to bum lift procedures. However, as much as the results are mostly positive you should have it in mind that these surgeries do come with some risks. This article will disclose some of the most frightening things about plastic surgery that probably no surgeon will tell you about.

The Risks and Complications of Plastic Surgery

Before we even talk about the risks and complications of plastic surgery, for some people even the thought of undergoing surgery is scary. In case you are considering plastic surgery you should be aware of the greater and frightening side of this surgery. Here are some of the most common risks and complications associated with cosmetic surgery:

  • Hematoma-this is a pocket of blood that looks like a very large, painful bruise. It mostly occurs in breast augmentation procedures. Currently, it is the most common complication after a facelift is performed and it affects both males and females. For you to treat this you have to undergo additional operations so that the blood might be drained off.
  • Seroma-a condition that happens when a body fluid or serum pools just beneath the skin. This results to swelling and pain in some cases. It can occur after any surgery but it is more common after a tummy tuck. Since seromas can become infected, they have to be drained by a needle which means the patient will undergo another procedure.
  • Loss of blood-just like any surgery blood loss is expected but for plastic surgeries there might be more loss of blood because of increased pressure to blood vessels. In some cases a patient might lose blood while on the operating table or even internally after the surgery.
  • Infections-this is one of the most occurring complications after surgery and it happens to so many people. In some cases these infections can be very serious and fatal if not taken care of.
  • Potential nerve damage-after surgery many patients experience tingling and numbness and this can be a sign of nerve damage. In some cases the nerve damage can be permanent and there is no way it can be reversed. This is more common after breast augmentation.
  • Organ damage-some procedures can be traumatic to the internal organs and this can be very dangerous. There can be visceral perforations or punctures during the procedure and this can be very fatal.
  • Scarring-this is normal especially after surgery, however, patients might get large scars which result to seeking for another alternative treatment. At the end of the day, it leads to more expenses and it is hectic even for the patient.
  • Unwanted results-people might get disappointments after they see the results of the surgery. The surgery might not go as wanted and even in some cases the results end up being worse than how the patient came in looking.


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