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What are the Symptoms and Causes of Dental and Oral Problems?

The oral and dental health is an essential part of the overall health system and there is a direct link between oral and dental health with overall health and wellbeing. For example, numerous gum diseases may be symptoms of other diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular problems, heart diseases, cancer etc. Similarly, bad oral hygiene can also lead to gum diseases and dental cavities which may again link to heart diseases, cancer, diabetes etc.

Therefore, as maintaining healthy teeth and gums is a life long process and commitment, you need to take uttermost care of your dental and oral health both at home as well as by visiting regularly to a dental clinic or an efficient, experienced and reliable dentist such as Centre DentaireOracare who can not only help you maintain a good dental and oral care but also can help you in early detection of other diseases which are directly linked to the health of your gums.

As per the statistics of oral and dental care institutions, between 60% to 90% of all the school children have at least one case of dental cavity and around 100% of adults have at least one case of dental cavity. Similarly, 15% to 20% of adults between the age group of 34 to 45 years have severe gum problems, and 30% of the people across the world from the age group of 65 to 74 years do not have any natural teeth left. The worst cases of oral problem statistics claim that in every country out of 100000 people 1 to 10 persons have oral cancer and the incidents are alarming in the poorer or disadvantaged countries.

The reasons behind developing oral and dental diseases are very simple such as due to not brushing the teeth regularly and appropriately at least twice a day, flossing the teeth at least once a day, intake of too much sugar, eating high fruit and vegetable diet, consumption of tobacco products, drinking of fluoride water, neglecting the dental care particularly ignoring the necessities of visiting the dentists regularly at least in the initial period of oral and dental problems.

The common symptoms of oral and dental problems are sores, ulcers and tender areas in the mouth which do not heal itself or with primary medication for a week or two, bleeding from the gum or from a swollen gums especially when you brush your teeth, continues bad breath, chronic toothache, receding gums, loose teeth, pain during chewing or biting, and constant dry mouth.

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