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The Importance of Natural Alkaline Water

Health improvements are now possible by consuming the right amount of ionized or alkaline water everyday. There are a lot of advantages of alkaline water that one should know about.

Detoxification of the body, fighting the ageing process, the wellbeing of the skin, better metabolism, balancing the body pH – there are endless benefits that one can have from ingesting natural alkaline water. In fact, if you think about it, some of the most important minerals for our body are obtained through the consumption of water, such as magnesium, calcium and potassium.

Here are some important points about natural alkaline water that you should know. Read on to find out more!

What is the pH level of alkaline water?

Alkaline water has a pH above 7.5. It alsohas a low content of chlorine, fluorine and heavy metals.

The pH level is very important for our body. In a serious infection, for example, inflammatory factors and toxins are high in the blood and the blood pH decreases (to less than 7.35) as a result. In these cases, bicarbonate decreases below 22 meq / l and thus metabolic acidosis begins.

What is the difference between alkaline water and mineral water in bottles?

To give you an idea, most of the mineral waters sold have a pH below 7.5 and are more acidic than our blood. In addition, there is the presence of fluoride and contamination by Bisphenol A (toxin present in plastic). A good tip is to always check the mineral water label and see the pH of the water you are buying. Check out Coral pure’s article at https://www.coralpurenatural.sg/benefits-of-alkaline-water for more regarding the health benefits of drinking alkaline water.

What are the benefits of consuming ozonated alkaline water?

After looking at the numerous benefits of consuming ozonated alkaline water, you should know the best way to include it in your routine. When it comesto food hygiene and regular consumption, Ideal Purifiers can help. Through these devices, you can drink ozonated alkaline water whenever you want.

  • In addition to being a quick process, there are numerous advantages to investing in our products. The design is modern and combines well with several interiordesigns. Not to mention, the durability of both the filter and the refillis stellar.
  • The refill must be changed every 12 months or for every 10000 litres of water. If the filter is used in your home, the frequency should be once a year.
  • The alkaline purified water has gained much prominence in recent years, particularly for its almost miraculouseffects, such as detoxification, cancer prevention, increased power of hydration in the body, as well as many others.

Although there are no studies that directlyprove all of these benefits, many people have been adopting alkaline water in their dietsto enjoy the benefits of this naturally mineral-rich water.


We have covered what you need to know about alkaline water and why drinking alkaline ionized water can bring great benefits to your quality of life and well-being. Keep reading on to learn more.