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Some Common FAQs regarding O-Shot Injections Answered

The Orgasm ‘O’ shot is referred to as a non-surgical treatment that is meant for increasing sexual arousal and vaginal rejuvenation. This treatment leads to stronger and more frequent orgasms, rise in natural lubrication and much greater arousal after the procedure has been done. This article answers some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Clinique Anti Aging vaginal injections.

Is drug being used in O-Shot?

The O-shot is not a drug. It is a process conducted in a clinic where your own blood platelets are being injected into your vaginal tissue. An inventor claims a theory that the platelets naturally attract your own stem cells to the injected part and generate healthier and a functional tissues in the sexually responsive areas in the vagina like the G-spot, Skene’s glands, O-spot, vaginal wall, and urethra.

How does it help in vaginal rejuvenation?

The shot functions by making the use of high quality platelet rich plasma or PRP which is produced from patient’s own blood. The PRP entails the cell regenerating growth factors which are injected into particular areas of the vagina, and evokes the stem cells to increase the blood flow and generates growth in the tissue as well as improve the vascularization of the area.

What is the procedure like?

The process begins with a simple blood which is drawn from the arm. Then this sample is put into a special centrifuge in order to produce the platelet rich plasma. Once your PRP is extracted from the blood, then it is injected into the numbed area which is near your clitoris and the upper vagina.

Does the O-shot hurt and how long does the process take?

This process is usually painless. The area is numbed with a gentle and a cream based product. Albeit, every patient’s experience is different, and most of them only experience a slight discomfort. The injection usually feels like a warm sensation or a slight pinch. There is no recovery time with this non-surgical process. It is quick in nature and usually takes half an hour to accomplish, and this includes the numbing process as well.

Are there any side effects to this shot?

The patient may experience a slight redness, swelling or numbness for a few days.

Do I need multiple sessions?

Usually, patients can have one shot or may come back for more, depending on the current results.

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