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Recovery from Lap-Band Surgery

One of the most popular types of bariatric surgery, Lap-Band surgery has proven to be an effective low intervention weight-loss option. The procedure utilises an inflatable silicone band, an access port, and tubing. Food intake is limited by adjusting the amount of fluid in the band. This is achieved by contraction of the stomach, hence effectively reducing its size.

An adult patient is eligible for a lap-band surgery in Lubbock and anywhere else if their BMI is higher than 40, or is higher than 30 with at least one other comorbidity. The studies have shown that the lap band procedure helps to reduce up to 30% of the excess weight and helps maintain it for at least a year. But to achieve the optimum results from a lap-band surgery, the patients need to follow a proper recovery course. Both weight loss and recovery from the lap-band surgery vary from patient to patient, but here are some best practices to follow:

  • Use compression stockings during the stay at the hospital
  • Stay at home for two weeks before returning to work and resuming normal daily routine
  • Physical movements are critical after the procedure to avoid the formation of blood clots
  • Start with a liquid diet to slowly include solid foods in small quantities
  • Include bariatric vitamins in your diet too
  • Do not forget the weekly visits to the doctor for a month after surgery
  • After a month, the frequency of doctor’s visits is monthly for a year and can be quarterly or semi-annual during the second year based on how you have healed

Lap-Band is a long term implant but not necessarily a permanent solution. Check with your doctor if you would need any additional surgeries down the line to replace the lap-band. Like any other bariatric procedure, behaviour alterations are necessary for a speedy recovery after the lap-band surgery. Following a healthy diet and regular exercise are the first and most important move towards a healthier lifestyle. It is also critical to the success of your weight loss surgery and achieving your weight loss goals.

The recovery time is considerably less for the lap-band surgery as compared to other bariatric procedures. For a successful lap-band surgery in Lubbock with best possible results, follow the dos and don’ts of the recovery period diligently. Consult your doctor for all your queries and rely only on professional help to get you through the recovery period successfully.

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