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Can Laser Coolsculpting Help Tighten the Skin?

Laser coolsculpting is one of the most effective and popular cosmetic procedures for reshaping the body. This affordable, minimally invasive, and rapid treatment offers many people a chance of having a nice body shape (after eating healthy and spending long days at the gym) without surgery. It is a highly successful fat-reduction procedure for small, stubborn pockets of fat around problem areas in the body.

Although the greatest benefit of coolsculpting is a new and attractive physique, the procedure may also have an added benefit – skin tightening. This is some piece of good news for many people hoping to have the treatment because this literally means getting the value of two for the price of one.

But just how does laser coolsculpting tighten the skin? And does research seem to agree with everyone else?

  1. Coolsculpting Preserves The Skin’s Tone

Alongside fat loss, the skin should adequately contract so as to fit the slimmer physique. This is the main reason people with poor skin elasticity are often discouraged from having liposuction. On the opposite side of the spectrum, coolsculpting patients usually enjoy a nice, tight skin even after multiple treatments. This is because even with the reduction in the size of a given body part, the skin’s laxity doesn’t increase.

  1. Makes The Skin Firm And Elastic

Apart from improved skin tone, laser coolsculpting patients have noticed that the treatment actually helped get rid of existing sagging skin in targeted areas. After the procedure, many have reported that their noticeable folds were no more and instead, the area had a smooth and elastic skin.

What Does Research Say?

Several studies have been conducted to establish whether laser coolsculpting indeed tightens the skin. One such 18-week clinical study revealed an improved appearance of lax tissue for 77% of patients while 75% of the patients actually confirmed that their chin looked more toned after the treatment.

More published work regarding the place of coolsculpting in tightening the skin can be found in the Journal of Aesthetic Surgery. One study where researchers started analyzing before and after pictures of Coolsclupting patients were “struck by the visible changes in the way the skin appeared in the clinical photographs.” This observation paved way for an in-depth survey on coolsculpting patients to examine the changes of skin texture and laxity following the cosmetic treatment. As you might have guessed, the independent assessments for both patients and investigators showed improvement in skin laxity and texture for coolsculpting treatments for the abdomen, outer thighs, back, and arms. The conclusion from the researchers was that laser Coolscupting leads to consistent improvement in the skin’s texture, laxity, and the appearance of cellulite.

The process of laser coolsculpting may take quite some time to complete but it is a safe and effective cosmetic procedure with a ton of benefits for the human body. Now as it turns out, together with fat loss and body re-shaping, the procedure can help tighten your skin and make you look youthful, slimmer, and attractive. What a positive and delightful bonus!

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