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Can Kojie San Soap Permanently Whiten Your Skin?

Looking for a solution to permanently lighten your skin? Can Kojie San soap be your trump card?

Let’s find out!

Today’s cosmetics market is flooded with products and remedies to help you achieve fair skin. A lot of people claim instant results, but do they last? Well, Kojic skin whitening soap not only lightens your skin but leaves a long-lasting effect too!

You might be suffering from skin issues like acne, dark patches which leave your skin lifeless. Ageing skin conditions is an added menace making your skin look uninviting and unpleasant.

You might have used several chemical-based skin whitening soaps till date, but always met with unsatisfactory results. The component “Kojic” is here to eliminate all your woes! Derived from a fungus called “Koji”, it secrets Kojic acid. Kojic products like – complexion bars, creams, lotions all contain this secret ingredient.

Now comes the million dollar part…

Can Kojic acid infused soap be your permanent solution?

Kojic acid present in the soap is quite effective in preventing your skin from producing melanin. As long as you use a Kojic infused soap, your natural skin tone can be whitened. This brightness does not get reversed immediately once you stop using Kojic skincare products; it may take years for that.

But, it does prove a permanent remedy in some cases…

When does it impart irreversible change?

To understand this, you must understand what brought your blemishes in the first place.

Human skin produces melanin (the pigment responsible for your skin colour) out of 2 reasons –

  1. Firstly, melanin is created as a result of pre-programmed DNA that determines your skin tone from birth.
  2. Secondly, the skin produces melanin for protecting it from sun damage.

So, if your skin got darkened from acne or dark patches, using Kojie San soap might effectively whiten your skin.

Scientists claim skin darkening is caused from hyperpigmentation or damages like cuts or acne (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation).

In such circumstances, hyperpigmentation could be irreversibly lightened with Kojic skincare products. This is due to the removal of the “damaging trigger”, as your skin is no longer instructed to produce protective melanin.

This pigmentation can go-away in due course of time, but using Kojic skincare products help speed up the skin’s fading.

Is permanent skin whitening recommended?

If one is born with a darker complexion, skin whitening soaps can be tempting. However, permanent skin lightening is entirely a personal preference.


Kojic skin care products stop your skin from producing melanin. It actively ‘burns down’ your skin’s melanin-producing factory, making it an irreversible change. Furthermore, Kojic skincare products work to a great extent for those born with a darker complexion.

So, the bottom line is…

In general cases of blemishes, Kojie San soap can prove to be an unalterable skin lightening agent. If you choose to change or ‘beautify’ your natural skin tone, Kojic soaps can do wonders!

It has been clinically proven that “Kojic” has no side-effects on your skin. Hence, it’s absolutely safe to lay your hands on one of these skincare products and get flawless white skin.

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