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Brief Introduction to Essential Steps for Claiming EEOICPA Benefits

In case, you have been diagnosed with an illness due to work exposure during your time with the Department of Energy, you could qualify for free doleeoicpa home health care. Several medical benefits have been offered by EEOICPA inclusive of appliances, services, and supplies that have been prescribed or recommended by recognized doctors. These supplies and appliances would most likely to provide relief, cure, and reduce the intensity or the duration of the covered illness.

An important service offered under the EEOICPA benefits would be home care for covered illnesses. To receive the home services, you would be required to follow the steps stipulated by the Department of Labor.

Diagnosing the illness

The foremost step would be to get your illness diagnosed. You could work with your treating physician for a diagnosis. After you have diagnosed with any one of the covered illness under the EEOICPA, you would be eligible for receiving the benefits offered. Your doctor would determine whether you or your loved one would require in-home health care services.

Validation of the job

Yet another aspect for receiving benefits under EEOICPA would be to have worked under the Department of Energy as an employee, atomic weapons employers, a contractor or subcontractor having cancer induced by radiation or exposure to harmful chemicals. If you have been exposed to Beryllium processed by the DOE and had developed chronic Beryllium disease. You would also be eligible for benefits for working under the Department of Defense for a minimum of 250 days during the mining of tunnels and underground nuclear weapons tests sites and had developed chronic silicosis.

Contact the agency

You would be required to get the ID number noted at the DEEOIC district office for claiming the EEOICPA benefits.

These aspects would be essential to help you get the deserved claim under EEOICPA.

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