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Add Physique and Figure Training to Your Resume as a Personal Coach

You already have your personal trainer certification – now you need to add education so you can attract more clients. It has been proven that the more abilities you have in coaching and training, the more money you can make. But these certifications need to be earned at a NESTA certified site. 

Further education

Perhaps the next certification that would be beneficial is the one you can earn in physique and figure training. Training in this area includes:

  • 100% online
  • Training that is comprehensive
  • Certification exam
  • Total career system
  • Continued ongoing support

Physique training

This training program gives you all you need to be able to be a coach for training clients who might want to compete on stage such as in bikini fitness competition. You will have the education so that you will be able to design specialized training as well as diet programs for each of your clients. You can also get an education by taking bikini fitness training courses. Those clients who are in bikini fitness competition will learn from you the training program they need to be following to develop a world-class physique for winning these types of competitions.

Business area

Body transformation competitions are quite popular currently and helping these clients can be very profitable. Using your new skills and professional credentials, you will have clients flocking to you for physique training as they enter more and more of these body transformational type contests. So, a business model where you are a successful fitness, figure, physique, and bikini body coach, can be a moneymaker for you. 

NESTA certified

There are also other certifications you can earn which can lead to even more areas you can be a coach and trainer in. Just be certain that you earn all your certifications from a NESTA certified institution. This is what most of your clients will be looking for.

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