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5 Problems for Which You Should Visit an Audiology Clinic

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Realizing and accepting the fact that you are losing your hearing power is not easy. It takes both time and effort to accept. However, once you have figured and accepted the reality, the road further is easy. There are audiology clinics like Audiology Centre West that can help you.  You should visit an audiology clinic not only in case of a hearing loss but some other problems too. Here is a list of 5 problems when one should book an appointment with an audiologist.


In this problem, people often complain of continuous ringing in the ears. Those suffering from this condition hear several sounds right from buzzing to humming. It’s very frustrating as there is never any silence for them. This could also be a hearing losssymptom, but only an audiologist can tell that.


It’s a sort of dizziness and the culprit often lies in the inner ear. This problem is characterized by the feeling of everything spinning around you. The inner ear is also responsible for keeping a person balanced and vertigo is the feeling of being out of balance. Though the most common vertigocausesbegin in the inner ear, several other things can cause it and only an audiologist can figure out the right reason and give treatment.

Sudden Loss in Hearing

While hearing loss happens with age generally starting after 65, a sudden loss of hearing can happen due to some trauma to the ear. It can be in the form of sudden exposure to very loud noise, a sudden air pressure change or an accident. If this kind of sudden loss of hearing is not treated immediately, it can have a long term impact.

Gradual Hearing Loss

Gradual hearing loss comes with age. It is difficult to realize and accept this, but once you do, the audiologist can identify the amount of hearing loss and provide with treatment options.

Impacted Earwax

Hard earwax can build up near the eardrum, which can lead to nagging pain. Trying to take it out on your own using an earbud can aggravate the problem as it can move further deep into the inner ear. Audiologists have the proper tools to remove it in the right manner without damaging the sensitive eardrum orear canal.

These are five commonproblems for which one should not miss to take an appointment and visit an audiology clinic.

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